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Observe the Edges

5 Jun

Everyone tells that.

Observe the Edges! For they are dangerous. They can cut you, harm you.

But why do people speak about edges only for physical things like table, chair, tool etc?

George Clooney character Ryan in “Up in the Air ” says –

“… Make no mistake your relationships are the heaviest components in your life…” Read the full version here.

And if that is so then why don’t we talk about edges in relationships in the same breadth as innate objects like tables and chairs?

In the relationship model , the concept of edges has been taken care of. If we look closely, the first step of the model i.e. Liking has many edges and as you progress upward, number of edges decreases resulting into a perfect “Edge-Less” relationship. But unlike normal edges (in objects like chairs) where we are instructed not to touch them, edges in relationships are meant to be touched and amended. Infact we should put our energies in finding all the edges and then smoothening them. The aim of any rocking relationship should be to have it “Edge-free”.

Share with me what all edges have you come across in your relationships?