Where and When did it all start?

1 Jun

The first question which comes to mind after starting this blog is

Where and When did it all start?

I realize it was present since birth but realization came a bit late – to be precise 26 years late when I joined in institutional sales team in one of the merchant banks. Right after hallowed portals of  premier MBA school in India, my first job showed me the real world and how business is done. Till that time I used to think business is done on value proposition and all that MBA jargons but then I realized I was grossly wrong.

Through my experience at institutional sales team, I learnt that most of the time business is done on the basis of relationships. They make or break a particular deal. And when you are dealing with institutions, it matters all the more. While dealing with institutions, one has to deal with many hierarchies in the same organization. And every time one has to make sure that egos at different hierarchies are managed well.

While coming back from one such meeting, one of my seniors said those golden words which changed my life forever. Those Golden words are –

Ultimately it is all about managing egos”

What a beautiful way of putting it!

Till this day, I marvel at the compression ratio of this wisdom. Then in due time I learnt its full import. And now today, I plan to share my experiences and learnings with the world and call all others to do the same.


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